FEM Cutting Simulation of Unsteady State Cutting Processes

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Why discontinuous chip are generated?

Because, ... the strength of material may decrease in a certain situation. For example, the strength decreases rapidly (so much) when the temperature exceeds 1000K, or the strength decreases so much when the shear strain exceeds 1.0. ..... We have to investigate much deeply the detail material properties. Any way, I tried to simulate the cutting phenomena with virtual material properties.


This GIF animation shows the temperature distribution.
The FEM cutting simulator was developed by Dr.Jun Shinozuka
and Professor Toshiyuki Obikawa (Tokyo Institute of Technology).
All right reserved Dr.Jun Shinozuka
and Professor Toshiyuki Obikawa (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

We can see discontinuous chip generates! We have to study and detect real material properties, then confirm why discoutinuous chip are generated. A FEM cutting simulation helps us to overcome the above problem, since we can try various and virtual material properties only by changing the calculation parameters.

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